There are two things I will not compromise on: coffee and socks so it is very fitting that my first two sponsors are Sabins Coffee and Ed & Phil Ltd (supplier of Wigwam socks)



Sabins Coffee - Artisan Coffee Roaster


Sabins Coffee is based in Bude and hand roasts coffee in small batches allowing them to roast to each bean’s individuality, enabling the diversity and complexity to be bought to fruition. In English that means the coffee tastes awesome.


The beans are ethically sourced which means the actual growers get a fair price for their coffee. Sabins coffee is available in selected outlets in North Cornwall and in that other place across the border. The coffee can also be bought online www.sabinscoffee.co.uk


Wigwam Trail Trax Pro - Supplied by Ed & Phil Ltd


This is the king of socks, equally at home in the bogs of Dartmoor in the winter and in the searing heat of the Kalahari Desert. In the cold and wet the sock, because of its construction, will keep your feet warm. In the desert, because of its wicking ability, it will keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.

In less extreme environments you may not need such a good sock, however, as is the case with most things, quality works out cheaper in the long run. (Pun intended) Ed & Phil Ltd sells mostly to independent retail shops, but the company does have some of its great running gear available online.