Talks & Workshops

Running and particularly ultrarunning teaches you some significant lessons which can be applied to business and life in general. Edward speaks from the heart and with passion using his experiences, many of them forged in the heat of the Kalahari Desert, to deliver interesting and motivating talks to a wide variety of audiences.


After the life-changing experience of completing his first Comrades Marathon - 56 miles in the African heat, Edward had the confidence to speak at, and chair, conferences in the financial services sector. He even had the courage to run a workshop entitled "Understand your actuary".

Now that he is a trail runner and adventurer, rather than a practising Chartered Accountant, the talks and workshops are about running and having a fit & healthy lifestyle. They range from sessions designed to get office workers more active to how to prepare for multi-day desert events. Tips and tricks to help stay motivated and get through the tough times are a big element of all the talks.

Please contact Edward by email: or telephone: 07827 888603 to discuss your requirements.


If there is no answer he is either out running or resting - please leave a message.


An active workforce is a more productive and motivated workforce.


An example of a talk looking at the business lessons to be learnt from running can be seen here.

Edward's part is just after 10 minutes into the video.


Talks at schools are free

Talks at small businesses events are usually for a fee

Talks at big events are almost always for a fee